Digital 34kg 75lb Parcel Letter Postal Ultraship Weighing Scales |

2 x Digital 34kg 75lb Parcel Letter Postal Ultraship Weighing Scales

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A 'my weigh' branded ultraship 75lbs/34kg postal weighing scale. Ideal for weighing all letters and parcels, with dual functionality, at an extremely cost efficient price. Supplied with a free AC adaptor. Can be plugged into mains, OR used with 4 x size C batteries (not included).

These scales are ideal for weighing items that you are sending in the post or via courier, and have precision accuracy (see specs below). We are official distributors of the 'my weigh' brand, which is internationally recognised. These are the only postal scales that we have chosen to distribute, due to their long lasting reistance to damage, precision quality and absoloute accuracy.


Capacity: 34kg or 75lb
Readability Dual range design: Between 0-2lbs - Accuracy of 0.1z / 0.01lb / 5g / 0.005kg. Between 2-75lbs - Accuracy of 0.5oz / 0.02lb / 10g / 0.01kg
Functions: Auto off programmable, auto zero tracking
Lights: Large LCD - 6 digits, 15mm high. Auto backlight
Calibration: Auto calibration
Display: Removable display with 2 foot cord
Colour: Black
Power: AC Adaptor (included free) or 4xC batteries (not included)
Attachments: Letter stand, letter tube holder, letter weighing tray